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Kuljetusliike eero huhtala oy

Kuljetusliike Huhtala Oy's managing director describes Lumikko as a trustworthy operator, who always supports its customers. "We have been Lumikko’s customer since 1980. Nowadays we use Lumikko's refrigeration units and temperature registration devices." Lumikko has measured up to Huhtala's expectations and the managing director is thankful for good aftersales: "Possible problems have always been solved fast and agreements are made easily. We can rely on Lumikko."  According to Huhtala, Lumikko is going to right direction with BITZER and he would recommend Lumikko to everyone.




veine seinäjoki Oy

Veine Seinäjoki Oy has worked with Lumikko for ten years. "Ten years ago, in 2004, we bought our first Lumikko refrigeration units and now, ten years later we bought Lumikko's package for the third time", says the Managing Director, Tuomo Rannila. "We appreciate the comprehensiveness of the service: Lumikko maintenance contract includes all the normal maintenance work." Rannila sees Lumikko as honest and sincere and he recommends the company for everyone. "We are satisfied with our cooperation with Lumikko. We appreciate continuity and familiar people to work with. Lumikko takes always care of its customers."




koppelomäki yhtiöt

Koppelomäki Yhtiöt has used Lumikko's products for a long time. "We bought Lumikko's refrigeration units for the first time in 1989, when we started grocery transportation. We appreciate Lumikko because it is domestic and reliable company", says the managing director Kimmo Koppelomäki. Cooperation with Lumikko Technologies has measured up to Koppelomäki's expectations and he thanks the company for its adaptable service: "The cooperation works both during the week and on weekends and spareparts are transported a long way if necessary. I recommend Lumikko for everyone. Especially the L7-temperature control unit is very efficient: I have not yet seen as good temperature control unit as L7."




Ilpo salomaa Oy


 Ilpo Salomaa Oy has used Lumikko products already in the 1970s. "Back then Lumikko had only 4 employees and the products were manufactured in a garage. We appreciated the fact that Lumikko was a local operator and that is still important to us", remembers the Managing Director Ilpo Salomaa. "We also appreciate that the spareparts are available fast and the manufacturer can be reached easily." Salomaa describes the Lumikko products as developed: "We are particularly satisfied with the L400 trailer solution: it is reliable and beltless - a safe temperature control unit."



Kuljetus arto järvimäki Oy

Kuljetus Arto Järvimäki Oy has worked with Lumikko over 20 years. The Managing Director, Marko Järvimäki, says that they have been satisfied with the cooperation: "I recommend Lumikko for everyone." He thanks Lumikko for good communication: "Lumikko takes care of its customers even after the purchase. Communication is genuine and we highly appreciate our contact person's work at Lumikko. As a customer, we truly feel that they care for us." Järvimäki is pleased with fast problem-solving at Lumikko: "Even in problematic situations, Lumikko contacts its customers immediately." Järvimäki is especially satisfied with the product design: "The units are suitable even for smaller delivery vans." 


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