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Trailer solution LT9

Trailer solution LT9

The beltless transmission, the constant running speed of the diesel engine and the power control of the refrigeration system mean greater reliability and low running and maintenance costs.


The Start/Stop function built into the control system has been optimized to minimize the diesel engine’s running time, which means lower fuel consumption. When the running time shortens, the maintenance intervals and the unit’s service life lengthen. The LC3UP user panel is user-friendly and makes the unit easy to use.

Streamlined Power

The trailer solution of the new generation has been optimized to function in extreme conditions. Its heating efficiency is still among the best on the market.


Thanks to product development and more reliable components, the maintenance interval for LT9 is up to twice as long as the intervals for previous models.

silent power

The stepless control of the condenser fans as well as the beltless transmission keep the noise level down. The electric compressor is silent and vibration-free.

Cooling capacity +30°C
Outdoor temperature
Transportation temp.

In diesel mode

In electric mode






heating capacity -20°C 
Outdoor temperature

In diesel mode

In electric mode




Fan power

Evaporator air volume

Air exit speed

4780 m³/h

22 m/s
Diesel engine
PM generator
940 kg
Perkins Reefer 2,2L/4 cyl.
BITZER/4 cyl.
17 KVA
R452A / 8,0 kg


FRC 15,0 m
FNA over 20,0 m


Not ATP-tested. Please ask Lumikko Technologies Oy about suitability in a certain country.


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