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Lumikko L5DSV has been designed especially for installation in trucks intended for transporting poultry, while the L300DSV is suitable for trailers.


The L5DSV and L300DSV are the only temperature control devices on the market that work with their own diesel engine and guarantee the safety and comfort of the animals during transport. Temperature, air volume and humidity controlling allow the shipment to arrive safely.


safety for transports

Ensuring sufficient ventilation and reducing the carbon dioxide level in the cargo space will improve the transportation conditions for poultry. Independent temperature control devices ensure a safe delivery.

temperature optimisation

The temperature can be adjusted optimally based on the conditions.

quality through controlling

The controlling and conditions of poultry transports can be significantly improved with OptiTemp controlling equipment.


Live poultry transportation ventilation / heating unit for trailers


Kubota 1105


15 KVA


4 pcs 3 x 400 VAC / centrifugal fan

Free airflow:

24 000 m³/h

Additional fans:

800 m³/h (to front wall)

Heating elements:

4 800 W + optional water heating with the engine´s coolant water


12 VDC control system / Control panel installed in the driver´s cabinet or separate enclosure in the front wall

Operating power:

Diesel / electric engine


Temperature controlling with the Lumikko OptiTemp system


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