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Temperature control units

Thanks to the results received from Lumikko's customer-oriented development work, we can offer our customers reliable and economical products for temperature-controlled transports. As a result of product development, we have developed our reliable truck and trailer models even further. High-quality compressors from BITZER act as the core of their refrigeration systems. We will expand our collection in the near future with new models that have been designed on the premises of reliability and low life cycle costs, without forgetting emissions-related requirements.


All of our products come equipped with the new, innovative LC3UP control panel, with a screen whose functionality has been proven to be the best on the market in sunny and dark conditions alike. You can adjust the illumination of the control panel display to comply with the truck's indoor lighting.


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Our truck products use their own power source, a diesel motor. All of our products can also be used with electricity (400V/32A), and they can be divided into multiple compartments with different temperatures (2 temperatures). This provides flexibility for the end customer, who may not always know of their future transportation needs. At the moment, our capacity range covers the needs of large cargo spaces, from the capacity of our L5 product (5 KW) to the freezing capacity of our L7 product (7 KW) (-20 °C/+30 °C). The integrated evaporator of the L5 product makes the entire cargo space available for efficient use.

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Trailer solution LT9


For trailers, we offer our L400 product. Its reliability and functionality have been improved even further. Our trailer product is perfect when you need an efficient solution for refrigerated transports and the possibility to heat the cargo space in cold conditions. The functionality of our product has been tested in extreme conditions, in outside temperatures ranging from -30 °C to +55 °C. Our trailer product is designed to work in demanding northern conditions, but as a result of development, we have also achieved a product that works well in warm conditions. Our trailer product can also be used with electricity (400V/32A), and it can be divided into multiple compartments with different temperatures.

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Lumikko has also developed special products for the transportation of poultry. The demanding northern conditions have led us to improve the transportation of animals in order to reduce mortality rates and the strain caused by the transportation. As a result of long-term development, we have developed an air-conditioning unit that can also be used for heating the cargo space. Sufficient ventilation ensures the proper concentration of carbon dioxide in the cargo space.


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A number of different accessories are available for temperature-controlled transports.


When you need temperature registration or positioning for temperature-controlled transports, we can offer you our OptiTemp application. You can select the number of temperature or humidity sensors that you want in the cargo space, with a maximum of six (6) sensors. In addition, you can expand the program to also function as a cloud service, so that you can monitor the temperatures and location of the transport in real time.


An external evaporator can be attached to all of our products later on, if the need for multi-temperature transportation arises.


The versatile transport possibilities therefore provide flexibility and allow you to divide the cargo space in two sections subsequently according to the transportation needs.

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